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New Orleans – still debating development 10 years after Katrina

From the Guardian, this article about the ongoing debate about how to redevelop the badly damaged 9th ward in New Orleans. Update: The Guardian seems to have done several articles on New Orleans, and the links keep changing. If you … Continue reading

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Economic Impacts of H. Katrina – not what you think!

The National Bureau of Economic Research recently issued a Working Paper titled: “The Economic Impact of Hurricane Katrina on its Victims: Evidence from Individual Tax Returns” by Tatyana Deryugina, Laura Kawano, Steven Levitt. A key finding”: “…at least in this … Continue reading

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Photos of NOLA 9 Years after H. Katrina

These photos show that the recovery was not exactly a miracle transformation, in many cases.  The photo technique is new to me. Swipe the photos and see Hurricane Katrina disaster dissolve into present-day recovery

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Differentiating the Response to H. Sandy from H. Katrina

This week I have seen 3 sets of remarks from federal officials that try to make it clear that the response to H. Sandy did not repeat the problems from H.Sandy. Senate Committee on Homeland Security, March 20. Hurricane Sandy: … Continue reading

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How Not to Do Recovery – another example

Former New Orleans mayor indicted on federal corruption charges, CNN, Jan. 18, 2013. Some additional details, Jan. 19, 2013.

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Recovery in Louisiana – still ongoing in year 6

This article focuses on the slow drawdown of federal funds made available for recovery projects in Louisiana since the trio of hurricanes that hit in 2005. It highlights the financial management needed for the long, complicated recovery  process. Check out:  … Continue reading

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City of New Orleans — still a disaster from a public administration perspective

As we all knew shortly after Hurricane Katrina (2005), the lack of local government capacity and capabilities regarding emergency management was one key contributor to the terrible response and recovery efforts after that event.  To be fair, state and federal … Continue reading

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