Webinar on Hazard Mitigation – Dec. 10

From the American Planning Association, a free webinar on Hazard Mitigation Implementation. Thursday, December 10, 2015 2:00:00 PM EST – 3:00:00 PM EST

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Infographic on Disaster Data Recovery

While the focus of this blog is usually on community recovery, many organizations and agencies may be interested in data recovery as well. Thanks to Robert Parmer, the go-to man for infographics!

See: Four Steps for Disaster Recovery Planning,

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Two Former DHS Secretaries on Refugees

Two Former Homeland Security Secretaries Wrote President Obama on Safely Welcoming Syrian Refugees
November 19, 2015

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GAO Forum

Highlights of a GAO-sponsored Forum: Preparing for Climate-Related Risks: Lessons from the Private Sector

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World Bank Report on Climate Change

CNN article about new World Bank study: Climate change could create 100 million poor, over half a billion homeless

The study found that rising global temperatures stand to push more than 100 million people into extreme poverty in the next 15 years, with sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia most at risk.

Climate-related “shocks” are already impeding efforts to reduce poverty, it said, particularly through crop losses, food price shocks and other impacts on agriculture, which is the main source of income for most poor families.

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“States at Risk” – rankings for preparedness

States At Risk: America’s Preparedness Report Card. Special Report Prepared by Climate Central and ICF International.

You can download a 14-page National Summary at this site. It provides clearer details about which states are doing well and which are not.

Update: Florida is especially vulnerable and ill-prepared. See this article in Emergency Management magazine: Florida Flood Preparations Slammed in National Report. “A study, called States at Risk, says Florida lacks a long-term plan for dealing with rising sea levels, despite being the nation’s most vulnerable state as oceans inch higher.”


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Standoff Over Climate Studies

This is the second article in recent weeks on this topic from the Washington Post.  See: NOAA climate feud: Pursuit of scientific truth vs. public

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