States’ Role in Disaster Response

According to this article in Emergency Management Magazine, the states have increased their capabilities in disasters, despite shrinking budgets.  This seems counter-intuitive to me. Let’s hear from some of you local emergency management folks on this topic.

See the comments for other views of this matter.

1 thought on “States’ Role in Disaster Response

  1. This so-called increase is entirely based on a paper audit self-assessment system. The last time the feds looked closely at state capabilities using an obsolete document [SLG 101 without its attachment G] in 2007 they flunked almost 60% of the states. SLG 101 now replaced by CPG 101 a largely useless document. The NRC regs that parallel the FEMA regs on REPP [radiological emergency preparedness program] use the word “verify” with respect to state and local capability. Suggest that FEMA adopt that standard and test through rigorous exercises or actual events.

    The three best prepared states are California, Florida, and New York and they are in need of major work. Pick almost any state in the midwest or south and they are not ready for any type of catastrophic event or even routine disaster.

    And if you include health preparedness CDC in a recent report flunked all of the states.

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