“Out of the Ashes; houses that resist fire”

Interesting article in the Wall St. Journal.

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4 Responses to “Out of the Ashes; houses that resist fire”

  1. The section in WSJ where this was published is called “Mansion,” so I understand the reaction about affordability. However, if you read through to the end, there are examples of much more modest homes being rebuilt (such as in Bastrop, Texas). What is almost as compelling as the buildings and design options (or more to me, since I’m a fire geek) is the impact of insurance – as in not having adequate coverage means you are really in a tough spot with recovering and moving on with your life.

  2. $2-400/sq ft?!?? Of course, if you can afford to build and live in a 3500 sq ft house in the middle of nowhere cost probably is no object. How about homes for the rest of us? You can avoid wildfires simply by keeping flammables (trees, mulch…) away from the structure, and using a non-flammable roofing material.

    Pretty houses, tho.

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