Question for Readers from the Diva – update

The Diva has been writing this blog for more than 4 1/2 years, during which time she has tried to attract sponsors and donors. So far, the financial support is not strong enough to provide the incentive to keep up the service. In Sept. only 9 donors came forward voluntarily.

If the blog staff  offered to provide one or more of the following services, would you be willing to pay a fee for them?  The services under consideration are:

(1) Attend a major national meeting and provided a cogent written summary of the key discussion points, news items, findings or products covered there.

(2) Compile a list of key new requirements and/or guidance documents for key current topics — e.g., disaster recovery frameworks and guidance or resilience measures and tools — and provide curating or analytical services.


We welcome other suggestions re needed services and an indication of your interest. No commitment needed…..

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2 Responses to Question for Readers from the Diva – update

  1. Stephen Baruch says:

    Hi, I would be interested in the “list of key new requirements, guidance documents, recent changes to ISO 22301 or other related standards” as well as an on demand concierge service with a menu of set fees for specific services. Stephen

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