Book Review: The Tulsa River

The Tulsa River, written by local author Ann Patton, was issued in time to mark the 28th anniversary of Tulsa’s 1986 river flood. It is a beautifully illustrated, soft-cover book, 11 x 8 ½ inches. It’s available as a limited first edition from the website

The new book features stories about Tulsa’s life with the Arkansas River. According to the author,

“The Tulsa River tells the story of our city’s struggle to live in harmony with our river, which lured mankind to this spot on earth, shaped our town, occasionally terrorized and often sustained us, and promises to gather our diverse peoples together,” *** “We spent two years living with and learning about our river, and the more we learned, the more there was to explore and understand. This book is, simply, a labor of love for our river and our community.”

It’s a natural and civic story of the river from its beginning millions of years ago in snow packs of the Colorado Rockies, as the river carved its way through the now-buried Tulsa Mountains and found its way to the Mississippi River in Arkansas. The story ends with the promise of A Gathering Place and River Parks, with Tulsans describing their diverse ideas for the future.

For someone like the Diva, who has never been in Tulsa, the book provided a delightful opportunity to visit vicariously and read the stories of some local people.

Ann Patton is a Tulsa-based author and consultant with 45 years’ experience in writing, consulting, and community activities. She is a long-time friend and professional associate of the Diva’s.

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One Response to Book Review: The Tulsa River

  1. ann patton says:

    WOW. beautiful Beyond anything I could have asked for. Thank you so much! Ann Patton 10705 S. Winston Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137

    918-527-0161. author, Dan’s War on Poverty Ask me aboutTulsa River — coming soon!

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