A Review of 2014

The Diva cannot tally the entire year of postings for RecoveryDiva.com, but she can give you the top topics readers consider most popular in the past few weeks:

Hurricane Sandy
Climate change

But we do offer a major index of postings, by topic, for the past 4 years – more than 1350 posts since the start of this blog in 2010.  The 43 page annotated index also includes the direct URL for each posting. This Roundup of  Recovery Resources is available for a donation of $25. or more.

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2 Responses to A Review of 2014

  1. phelandrtom says:

    New Year’s Resolution: Make a contribution to Recovery Diva! The Roundup of Recovery Resources is well worth it and as valuable as the daily postings Claire makes to this site. Where else could you be kept so well informed?
    Happy New Year, 2015, the “Year of Resilience.” Stay safe, my colleagues.

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