The Nepal Earthquakes

Experts had Warned for Decades that Nepal Was Vulnerable to a Killer Quake. “It was clearly a disaster in the making,” one scientist said of a geologically unstable region that has long been known for “a Himalayan-scale problem with Third World resources.”

A massive block of Earth’s crust, roughly 75 miles long and 37 miles wide, lurched 10 feet to the south Saturday over the course of 30 seconds. Riding atop this block of the planet was the capital of Nepal — Kathmandu — and millions of Nepalese.

That’s the description of Saturday’s earthquake from University of Colorado geologist Roger Bilham, a world-renowned expert on Himalayan earthquakes. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that flattened historic buildings in Kathmandu and has taken more than a thousand lives is the latest release of built-up strain from the collision of two of Earth’s tectonic plates.

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One Response to The Nepal Earthquakes

  1. wastewater1 says:

    Reflection on Tragic Nepal Earthquake Amidst The Beauty of The Highest Mounts:
    God’s signature in the majesty and splendor of landscape immersed in the preciousness of LIfe’s moments….God Bless all who have been lost and so many others so adversely affected!

    Christopher Tingus, Cape Cod

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