Three Perspectives on the King Gold Mine Release

I have been wondering how the hazmat release caused by EPA personnel would be handled. I learned from the TV news that the EPA is the responsible party and will have to pay for the costs of cleaning up the spill; but as a government agency it does not have to pay a fine.

The EPA Perspective: I tried the EPA website and was frustrated, but in response to my query to the agency, they provided me with this URL for their side of the story.

The residents’ perspective: Local anger swells at EPA over toxic gold mine spill in Animus River. Townspeople demand explanation over long-term effects of 3m gallons of waste to water supply, as Colorado and New Mexico make disaster declarations.

Media reporter’s view on CO Mine Hazards: Animus River Spill Stark Reminder of Colorado’s Mine Pollution Legacy.

Update:  One more perspective: Damage to Navajo Nation water goes beyond money

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5 Responses to Three Perspectives on the King Gold Mine Release

  1. recoverydiva says:

    I cannot think of another example where the regulatory agency is the responsible party for a spill!

  2. Why shouldn’t the EPA be fined? They have no problem sticking it to everyone else and are over reaching their regulatory mission in my opinion. The Agency is pushing through the most expensive and massive set of regulations in American history with no regard for the larger context of the economy and the real-world impact on people, industries and businesses. I watched the news last night to see if EPA responded at all – I didn’t find anything but that is not surprising. “Ignore it and it will go away” seems to be the current mantra. Tomorrow will bring a diversion.

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