A Word from our Sponsor

Basic Reference Book:  Emergency Management; the American Experience, 1900-2010.

 Just in time  for the fall semester. Details about the table of contents, authors, and contents can be seen on the publisher’s website. [Note: the Diva is the editor of this book.]

For those of you who want to know the origins and history of FEMA, this book tells all!


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2 Responses to A Word from our Sponsor

  1. John Gustafson says:

    Diva: Thanks for what you are doing. If I want to send you a contribution f or your efforts, where do I send it?


    gogus@aol.com NRT Retired…but not yet tired!

    • recoverydiva says:

      You can use the Donate Now button at top write corner for contribution via Pal Pal and a credit card.
      Address for a check: 1751 So. Hayes St., Arlington, VA 22202
      Thanks in advance.

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