Note re Last Posting

Today’s guest blogger is Prof. Deborah Persell, author of the research cited in my last posting.

Thank you for highlighting my recent presentation. In a time when quality research literature is literally at our fingertips, I struggle to make sense of these particular findings. Assuming, as is in the case for the sample population, rigorous requirements are in place for student use of research literature it leaves me challenged to evaluate how we as faculty promote and inspire the use of research literature in new ways.

That only 32% of the participants in this study read past the abstract is concerning. This is despite the acknowledgement that participants believe their education has taught them to read and understand research literature and despite the fact that reading research is an expectation of student course work or job performance. And, 63% of these participants are given the time to read the research. There was a modest number, 25% that felt they were sufficiently familiar with search terms to find research of interest to them. The good news is the vast majority of participants are interested in better learning how to search for, read and understand research literature. Even though a Resident Librarian is assigned to courses and regularly offers assistance to students, that assistance is not utilized and per the survey, students don’t want to use the Librarian as a resource.

I would be truly interested in how others are addressing this issue. I do believe more research is needed on this topic. Clearly we are in need of better tracking mechanisms for database use by student demographic and major. While this particular sample population had well funded library resources, it is not certain the increased library resources are being utilized. Therefore, I am also interested in how others make decisions regarding recommending the purchase of library resources.

Deborah J. Persell, PhD, RN, APN
Director Regional Center for Disaster Preparedness Education
College of Nursing and Health Professions
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR 72467. (O): 870-680-8286; (F): 870-972-3554.

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2 Responses to Note re Last Posting

  1. recoverydiva says:

    Comment from Eric Holdeman to Deborah:
    Deborah. Reference your study/talk and then Claire’s Posting below.

    I’m an emergency management practitioner and have attended several of the Boulder Workshops years ago.

    Worse than the students not understanding research is the fact that professional emergency managers at all levels are not reading and applying research to their daily activities in order to improve their programs. Much of it has to do with education and training with the added challenge of always too much to do and not enough time to do it. “How can I do research when my community doesn’t have a recovery plan?” Which in the last case, most don’t have a ‘real’ recovery plan.

    Thanks for sharing what you found and, I’ll try to pass it along on my own blog,

    Eric E. Holdeman Principal
    Eric Holdeman & Associates

  2. In a galaxy far far away on Planet Earth science and reason once looked to be the future of the planet’s humans and all academic and peer reviewed literature started with a search of the existing literature. Then academic and peer reviewed literature became too expensive ever for the world’s richest libraries. Even studies paid for in their entirety by the taxpayers of the United States are not free for interested persons. Locked away even on the internet by passwords and user names the internet is not the fountain of truth but the opposite.

    And CIVIL SECURITY as a term should replace HOMELAND SECURITY IMO.

    Suggest all review the Wenn Diagram at:

    And not necessarily the right answer for correct relationships among multiple disciplines but perhaps a start for others to think.

    And as always the Masters Degree factory at the Naval Post-grad School at Monterrey funded by DoD has sucked the air out of the civil agencies training and education efforts and even Higher Ed. Most of the thesis are not really useful except for those who wrote and reviewed them and a search of their being cited usually results in a futile search.

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