Personal Preparedness for a Winter March

January is usually a cold and snowy month in Washington, DC.  Some women friends who plan to participate in the Women’s March on Washington asked about personal preparedness measures. The Diva did not find a ready-made list, so she put one together with the help of some friends in the emergency management business.

The one-page list of recommended items to bring is provided in this link:  Go-Bag contents list. The intent is to help you be comfortable and safe during a long day in the outdoors.

Here is a picture of some of the recommended items that would fit in a handbag to take to a one-day march. [Be sure to check on specific requirements of your march sponsor re bags. Some useful items like handwarmers and a swiss army knife will not get by airport security.]


Note: local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members probably have most or all of these items on hand already.  To be prepared for emergencies on an on-going basis, consider joining your local CERT team.

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6 Responses to Personal Preparedness for a Winter March

  1. Annette Catalano says:

    Thanks! Really helpful.

  2. Janice says:

    It would be helpful to have a list in addition to the photo. Some of the items are difficult to make out. Thank you.

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