Vacancies in Key FEMA Staff Positions Presently

See this article from Newsweek:  With Hurricane Irma and Harvey Relief Underway, One-Third of FEMA Leadership Positions Unfilled

More than a third of leadership positions at FEMA lacked full-time leaders as of September 1. Of 47 positions, 14 were serving in acting capacities, including the No. 2 role. The top position had been vacant for the first five months of the Trump administration, until the Senate confirmed Brock Long as administrator in late June. President Donald Trump had nominated him a month earlier.

The agency is part of the Department of Homeland Security, which is facing an even more significant leadership shortage. Of its 57 leadership positions, 26 are filled temporarily or remain vacant. That includes the top position of secretary, which James Kelly left open in July after leaving to serve as White House chief of staff, and also the heads of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Citizenship and Immigration Services.

From watching CNN TV I did see that an estimated 38,000 federal employees are working the two disasters at the present time.  It is essential that the top positions be filled and with the most capable people possible, in my opinion. 

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