New: Index of Significant Emergency Management Resources (2016) – available for a donation to this blog of $25. or more.

The Diva has been writing this blog for almost 7 years, during which time almost 3,000 postings have been published.  Now the Diva and Amy Sebring have compiled an annotated index of the major postings, by topic, for the entire period. Annotations and URLs are provided for each item.

This 25 page index is an excellent resource for consultants, academics, and students. Where else could you get this many digital resources in one place?  For those teaching online courses, consider it as a  source of content that will compliment or supplement text books.

Go to the Donate Now button in the upper right-hand corner of the blog’s homepage. Copies will be sent out promptly via email.

Note:  Current students of EM may get a copy for a donation of $10.



We need your support in order to maintain and improve the blog!



Rev. 1/17

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