Book Reviews

Book reviews published to date (from oldest to newest):

  1.  Responses to Disasters and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Fostering Resilience (2016), by Michele Companion and Miriam S. Chaiken (Eds.). [Reviewer: Simone Domingue]
  2. The Politics of Crisis Management by Arjen Boin, Paul ‘t Hart, Eric Stern, and Bengt Sundelius. 2017 (2nd edition) [Reviewer: Greg Jones. ]
  3. After Great Disasters: An In-Depth Analysis of How Six Countries Managed Community Recovery, (2017), by Laurie A. Johnson and Robert B. Olshansky (2017).[Reviewer: Don Watson]
  4. Organizing for Reliability: A Guide for Research and Practice, (2018) Edited by Ranga Ramanujam and Karlene H. Roberts. [Reviewer: Patrick Roberts, Virginia Tech]
  5. Handbook of Disaster Research, edited by Havidan Rodriguez et al; 2018, [Reviewer: Laura Olson, Georgetown University. ]
  6. Mastering Catastrophic Risk. by Howard Kunreuther and Michael Useem
    [Reviewer: Ed Thomas, Esq.]
  7. Disaster Recovery Through the Lens of Justice, by Alessandra Jerolleman. [Reviewers: Erika Pham and Sahar Derakhshan] 2018.
  8. Resilience Matters (2019), by Laurie Mazur. [Reviewer: John Plodinec]
  9. Social Sustainability, Climate Resilience, and Community Based Urban Development, 2018. [Reviewer: Don Watson]
  10. Disaster Policy and Politics, by Richard Sylves. 2019. [Reviewer: Jeff Glick]
  11. The Future of Risk Management, by Howard Kunreuther et al, 2019. [Reviewer: Irmak Renda-Tanali]
  12. U.S. Emergency Management in the 21st Century, Claire B. Rubin and Susan L Cutter, Editors. 2020. {Reviewer: Don Watson]
  13. Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in South Florida: The View of Coastal Residents, by Risa Palm and Toby Bolsen; 2020. [Reviewer: Rob Dale]
  14. Exploring Lessons Learned from a Century of Outbreaks: Readiness for 2030: Proceedings of a Workshop. 2020. [Reviewer: Don Watson.]
  15. Disaster Upon Disaster; Exploring the Gap between Knowledge, Policy, and Practice. 2020. [Reviewer: Joseph Trainor]
  16. Beyond 9-11; Homeland Security in the Twenty-First Century.
    [Reviewer: Jeffrey Glick]
  17. The Community Resilience Handbook. 2020.  [Reviewer: Irmak Renda-Tanali]
  18. Resilience Matters.2021 [Reviewer: John Plodinec]
  19. Disaster and Emergency Management Methods.2021 [Reviewer: Jono Anzalone]
  20.  The Invention of Disaster: Power of Knowledge in Discourses of Hazard and Vulnerability. Reviewer: Irmak Renda-Tanali; May 2022.
  21. Justice, Equity, and Emergency Management. Reviewer: Donald Watson; May 2022
  22. The Continuing Storm;Learning from Katrina. Reviewer: Jack L. Harris. July 2022.
  23. Why Vulnerability Still Matters; The Politics of Disaster Risk Creation. Reviewer: Jono Anzalone. July 2022.


Rev. 7/22

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