Book Reviews

We plan to have more book reviews in 2017.  It has taken a few years of effort, but the Diva has convinced several major book publishers that a blog is a serious medium for book reviews.


Book reviews published to date (from oldest to newest):

    1. Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience (2014), by Jeroen van der Heijden. [Reviewer: Don Watson]
    2. The Tulsa River (2014), by Ann Patton. [Reviewer: Claire B. Rubin]
    3.  The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in World Where Things Go Wrong (2014) by Judith Rodin; Public Affairs, $27.99, 384 pp. [Reviewer: Joshua Sinai]
    4. The Dynamics of Disaster, by Susan W. Kieffer. Norton, 2014. Hardcover, 274 pp. List price: $25.95. [Reviewer: Claire B. Rubin]
    5. Two Reviews on Social Media and Emergency Management. [Reviewer: Lauren Ohl-Trlica.]
    6. A Futurist’s Guide to Emergency Management  (2015)  [Reviewer: Will Flagler]
    7. Cassandra’s Curse: the Law and Forseeable Future Disasters (2016) [Reviewer: Ed Thomas]
    8. The Consequences of Disasters: Demographic, Planning, and Policy Implications (2016) [Reviewer: Don Watson]
    9. Narratives of Crisis; Telling Stories of Ruin and Renewal (2016) [Reviewer: NancyKay Sullivan Wessman.
    10. Katrina, Mississippi; Voices from Ground Zero (2016) [Reviewer: Robert Tabler, Jr.]
    11. Consuming Catastrophe; Mass Culture in America’s Decade of Disaster (2017), by Timothy Recuber. [Reviewer: Jono Anzalone]



Rev. 1/17

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