Personal Preparedness

Two best overall sources:

Best Power Outage Tools (2/21) — from Wirecutter ( NYTimes)

Wildfire Preparedness, also from Wirecutter.

Emergency Food, Lights And Generators To Have For Winter Power Outages, from HuffPost, 1/2022

From the CDC. Guidance on Sheltering in Place

COVID-19 Information:

Pet Care in a Disaster – How to Keep your Pet Safe in a Disaster

Metro Washington Area Info: [not current at this time}:

  • Diva-prepared list for distribution to senior citizens of  Arlington, Va in 2020.  Digital Resources-March 2020
  • From Potomac Electric Power Co, Suggestions for Storm Preparations

From FEMA, this guidance on personal emergency financial first aid.

Personal preparedness information, see The Prepared website. Be advised it is not clear who owns this commercial site.

Input from two Boy Scouts: 

(1) Blake Stevens and his mom, for their work on preparedness. Blake provided this citation: Disaster Preparedness on a Budget.

(2)  From Liam Williams:
Creating a defensive space
Fire escape plan

Prepacked Emergency Kits:  Red Cross, and many commercial versions.


Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet. Advice from the CDC, which notes “pets are family too.”

Essential items to have in a backpack for a hike. This item appeared regarding the  woman lost for 17 days in Hawaii after getting lost on a day hike.

From NY City, Business Preparedness Guide.

From Los Angeles Times, How to Prepare for an Earthquake


Rev 3/15/22