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General Info:

Ransomware Info from CISA

New Books:

U.S. Emergency Management in the 21st Century. (Dec. 2019)

Local Government Leadership in Disaster Response ( April 2019)

Recommended Recovery Guides:

  1. NVOAD offers several helpful guidance documents on their website. Here is the direct link to their Recovery Guide. which is 96 pp.
  2. The Red Guide to Recovery provides resources for disaster survivors.  It is a practical guide and well-illustrated (not free). The co. website also offers some free resources and information.
  3. FEMA Community Recovery Management Toolkit (2021)
  4.  Research Counts!  Brief summary articles by noted researchers on key disaster-related topics.
  5. From the IBHS, an insurance association, IBHS’ Business Continuity Toolkit
  6. From the Center for American Progress, this 40-page report: Safe, Strong, and Just Rebuilding After Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. A Policy Road Map for Congress.


American Planning Association (Jan. 2015), Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation; 205 pp.   You can download it or order a hard copy. This document has been in the works for years and was written by several national experts.  See also the APA website for a number of supporting and supplement files related to the report.

Note: The APA has a new project on recovery underway as of 2020. When completed the citation will be noted on the homepage of this site.



  • Rubin Recovery Article; ” Long Term Recovery; The Neglected Component of Emergency Management” by Claire B. Rubin, in JHSEM, Vol.6 #46, 2009.



Rev. 6/21

8 thoughts on “Worth Reading

    • Hi – thanks for the compliment and the citation. Rather than have your comment in a not-obvious place in the blog, I will post your note and citation as a sort of guest author posting.

  1. I am glad to see that the Recovery Diva blog is still very active and useful. I listened to the climatologist James Hensen today present a summary of his new report on the growing and dire threat of climate change “Ice Melt, Sea Levee Rise and Superstorms.” Intuitively in 1991 when the world’s population was a mere 5.2 billion, I warned city and county managers in the first edition of “Emergency Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government” about this threat, citing the National Academy of Sciences consensus estimate of the earth mean temperature change increase of 1.5-4.5 degrees Celsius in the 21st century and heeding them to be aware of the consequences by quoting climatologist Stephen Schneider’s prediction that “a change of this magnitude could dramatically alter accustomed climate patterns affecting agriculture, water supplies, disease patterns, ecosystems, endangered species, severe storms, sea levels, and coastal flooding”. I concluded with a similar dire prediction “climate change could come without warning-like an avalanche or lightning-when carbon dioxide suddenly surges and breaks a ‘threshold’.” I hope with this new report local government leaders will be paying a little more attention.

    • Hi Gerry: Nice to hear from you. And thanks to you the blog got its start six years ago with support from PERI.

      I did see that report and have not yet had a chance to cite it. We have a lot to do to cope with the needs.

      • Claire, Unfortunately the report’s warnings will remained unheard. First, because terrorism is and will continue to be the front page news and second, because of the report’s off the charts frightening predictions will cause it to be buried as hyperbole. I think the time has arrived to stop talking about the cause of climate change due to the political polarization and inaction that incites but instead to focus on mitigation and resilience. There seems to be little that we can do stop the increase in mean global temperatures whatever the cause. Gerry P.S, It would be helpful if I learned to spell, citing the word siting in my previous blog. P.S.S. Recovery Diva was one of the best investments PERI made. GJH

      • I fixed the spelling error.
        Thanks for the compliment. In this case the seed money did produce a product that has gone on for 5 more years (so far).

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve subscribed to your blog for my agency which is a disaster response operation in San Diego during emergencies. It’s essential to have resources like your blog available to us to be able to locate information that can be redistributed to the public as appropriate.

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