Building Sciences Journal – focus on resilience

Free journal issue from the National Institute of Building Sciences. The focus of this issue is resilience.

Thanks to Rob Dale for the citation.

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Recovery in Fort McMurray Canada – 6 months later

In the aftermath of massive wildfires in Alberta Canada, recovery is going slowly. See:
6 months after wildfire, Fort McMurray faces long road to recovery. In hard-hit Abasands neighbourhood, many intend to rebuild but some won’t be coming back.

Thanks to Pierre Picard for the citation.
Once again we see the importance of advance thinking and planning for recovery. Whether the disaster occurs in the U.S., Canada, NZ or elsewhere, many of the posts of this website remind us  of how messy, long, and difficult the recovery process can be.


Town Wonders Whether to Rebuild or Relocate

After Hurricane Matthew, Town Wonders: Rebuild Or Relocate? Flooding from Hurricane Matthew wrecked hundreds of homes in Princeville, N.C. It’s the second time the town has flooded in 20 years. Now residents debate whether to rebuild or just relocate.

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New Disaster Research Center at Univ. of WA

As noted by EM blog: How are You Incorporating Research into your Programs?
NOTE: The Diva had trouble locating the direct link to the Center. Google does not seem to know where to find it just yet. Thanks to reader Geomando for helping me out.

It turns out the National Science Foundation has recently awarded $19M. to several research centers. Of that total, $4M. went to the Univ. of WA. Here are more details from the NSF on the full set of awards.

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New Website: Open FEMA

New source of information and data sets from FEMA: “Open FEMA”

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The Evacuation Process for H. Matthew

Here are two takes on the recent evacuation from H. Matthew, one positive and one negative.

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Problems with Weather Forecasting in the U.S.

From the New York Times Magazine (dated Oct. 23): Why Isn’t the U.S. Better at Predicting Extreme Weather?  Hurricanes like Matthew have laid bare the dirty secret of the National Weather Service: its technologies and methods are woefully behind the times.

Thanks to Eric Holdeman for the citation.

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