Use of Technology

From Forbes magazine: How Technology Is Advancing Emergency Response And Survival During Natural Disasters

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Schooling Lost After Disasters

From NPR, a discussion of an aspect of disaster recovery that is not usually considered. See: Natural Disasters And The Implications Of Missing So Much School.

Amidst the trauma and destruction, school districts across the U.S. have shouldered a heavy burden: trying to help their students catch up after missing days, weeks and even months of class time.

Across nine states, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, at least 9 million students missed some amount of school this fall due to a natural disaster, according to an NPR Ed analysis. The analysis compiled missed days from individual public school districts affected by natural disasters as well as estimates given by state education departments.

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More on Recovery in Puerto Rico

From Bloomberg News, Dec. 14: Four Ways to Help Puerto Rico Now.

From the Wash Post, Dec. 14: This is What Puerto Rico Needs from the Government Right Now.

From the Wash Post, Dec. 15. Life Without Power.

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Climate Change and City Credit Ratings

When Climate Change Becomes a Credit Problem.

Coming in the aftermath of hurricanes that severely damaged parts of Houston and much of the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico this year, the message from Moody’s was clear. Governments must prepare for heat waves, droughts, flooding and coastal storm surges or face credit downgrades that will make it more expensive for them to borrow money for public services and for improvements in roads, bridges and other infrastructure.


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Lack of Regulation Has Costly Outcomes

From Reuters, yet another take on the costly and sometimes tragic outcomes from lack of regulation and the problems of the National Flood Ins. Program. See: Unfettered building, scant oversight add to cost of hurricanes in U.S.

In the wake of a ferocious storm season, Reuters finds that homes built in violation of flood-mitigation rules add to the billions of dollars in claims on the already-broke federal flood insurance program

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Rethinking Electric Power Systems – updated

From the NYTimes: Rethinking Electric Power, Prompted by Politics and Disaster. An excerpt from the article:

Researchers’ heads have danced with visions of self-sufficient microgrids and solar-harnessed battery systems as they dream of giving Puerto Rico a new power system that is cleaner and less carbon-intensive than the fossil-fuel-dependent one the storm wrecked. The island is becoming an important proving ground for ideas about how low-carbon energy can be practical, both technically and financially.

Update: On a related topic, here is a 63 page document from the European Union. Power grid recovery after natural hazard impact

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Future Fire Risk in CA

From the NYTimes: In a Warming California, a Future of More Fire. The recent cycle of drought and deluge in California led to major fire risk. Climate change makes that cycle worse.

Some Personal Preparedness Advice: Fleeing the California Wildfires: What to Take and When to Evacuate


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