More Details re FEMA’s Role In Disaster Recovery in PR

Here is some useful information that provides more details about the changes in recovery that FEMA is making.  If is from the STATEMENT OF MICHAEL BYRNE, ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR, FIELD OPERATIONS DIRECTORATE, FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY, USDHS BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT & GOVERNMENT REFORM SUBCOMMITTEE ON NATIONAL SECURITY, U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. See: Bureaucratic Challenges to Response and Recovery in Puerto Rico; March 2018.

Thanks to Eric Letvin for the citation.

FEMA After-Action Report on PR Response [A very important report.]

Update on July 14: Editorial in the NYTimes: FEMA Admits It Failed Puerto Rico. Can It Do Any Better? The agency’s disorganization and a lack of supplies and personnel contributed to the havoc.

When Government Isn’t Listening

From the HomeSecurityNewswire: Coastal Peril. Sea level rise and coastal development: Science speaks directly to business.

If you are an investor or a developer with an interest in coastal properties, you are being bombarded with evidence of climate change in the form of sea level rise and its consequences. In the academic community, many interested in the business of coastal development have begun to take into account information from climate scientists and have expressed frustration that government regulators are not doing so.