Recovery Planning Prior to Event

Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan Coming Together. All-hazard plan includes natural and manmade disasters and looks at rebuilding in Glynn County, Georgia.

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FEMA Needs to do more re People with Disabilities

New report from the GAO: FEDERAL DISASTER ASSISTANCE: FEMA’s Progress in Aiding Individuals with Disabilities Could Be Further Enhance

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Oroville Dam Emergency – updated

On Feb. 16

From the Washington Post: The government was warned that the Oroville Dam emergency spillway was unsafe. It didn’t listen.

In 2005, three environmental groups warned state and federal officials about what they believed was a problem with the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway — the same one that was at risk of collapsing this week, after storms caused the adjacent reservoir to swell.


From the Guardian, another account of the dam emergency.

And a related story from the NY Times:  What California’s Dam Crisis Says About the Changing Climate

On Feb.15, update from the LA Times.  From Reuters, some of the history and community relations.

On Feb. 16, feds grant CA an emergency declaration for flooding and dam emergency.


Major Cuts to FEMA Budget Under Consideration

According to Mother Jones, Conservatives Want to Slash FEMA’s Disaster Budget. Will Trump comply?

The article references a study done in 2016 by the conservation Heritage Foundation. The 180 page report is titled A Blue Print for Balance.

The Diva has not yet had time to read it, but welcomes comments from those who have.

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Purdue Univ. to Study Recovery from H. Sandy

From the university’s news site, mention of a new research project: Project drawing on lessons from Hurricane Sandy aims to improve US preparedness.

The university has a major grant to study H. Sandy. The focus is on recovery although the title of this article does not so indicate.

Update:  Thanks to Rob Dale for adding a comment to this posting with a link to a video about the new project.

Now a I have another question: in the video the professor of civil engineering recommends that social science factors be studied.  I wonder if there are social scientists as partners on this project.  Anyone know?

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Recovery, or not

We can learn a lot from disasters, and we now know some areas don’t recover

I believe the authors are American; see their earlier paper cited at the end of this article.

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Remain in Place or Relocate – the example of Princeville, N.C.

Historic Princeville, N.C. Survived Hurricane; What About FEMA?

I have written about this case recently. I do not have answers for the many questions raised, but this situation would be an excellent case study for the restore or move the town decision.

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