Solar Eclipse Planning Resources

Here is a 12 page guide: Solar Eclipse Planning Resources

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Readiness Concerns At Start of Hurricane Season

Once again, an author expresses concern about the lack of federal preparedness for hurricanes in this administration. See: Donald Trump’s Hurricane Season.


Expediting Infrastructure = Sacrificing Environment

The Trump speech on Tues. included a discussion of infrastructure, which for the most part received no press coverage owing to the many other topics he tackled spontaneously.

From Reuters:  Trump infrastructure push rolls back environmental rules

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday rolled back rules regarding environmental reviews and restrictions on government-funded building projects in flood-prone areas as part of his proposal to spend $1 trillion to fix aging U.S. infrastructure.

Trump’s latest executive order would speed approvals of permits for highways, bridges, pipelines and other major building efforts. It revokes an Obama-era executive order aimed at reducing exposure to flooding, sea level rise and other consequences of climate change.

Update: Here is another take on the same topic from The Hill. [Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.]

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Effect of Natural Disasters on Economic Activity in Counties

See this NBER paper on The Effect of Natural Disasters on Economic Activity in U.S. Counties: A Century of Data.  

Note this 40 page paper is not an easy read, but the topic should be of interest to many. Thanks to John Plodinec for the citation.


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Options for Managing the Opioid Emergency

If the Opioid Emergency were to get federal assistance, how would it be managed?  See this account from NPR.

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Some Resources for Students and Others

The Diva gave a talk to students at Georgetown University recently and told them about some free resources available to them.  One is the annual Higher Education in Emergency Management Symposium organized by FEMA at the Emergency Management Institute and held each June. That program also offers a weekly newsletter.

And another is some informal groups on facebook. Three of the groups are:

  • Instructors in Emergency Management
  • Emergency Management Higher Education Community and
  • Disaster Recovery Community

There also are groups dealing with EM topics on LinkedIn.

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A Big Step Backward in FL?

From USAtoday: As Hurricane Andrew memories fade, Florida weakens building codesFormer FEMA Administrator, a FL resident, admonishes the state on that bad move.

But in an article in the Tampa Bay newspaper, there is pushback on Fugate’s argument. I guess the full story has not yet emerged.

Update: See the blunt comments on this issue from Eric Holdeman, a fellow blogger and former local emergency manager.

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