DHS IG Accused of Whitewashing reports

From the WashPost: How a watchdog whitewashed its oversight of FEMA’s disaster response with ‘feel good’ reports.

Update from Wash Post on 6/7:

The Homeland Security watchdog has agreed to an outside review of its performance following missteps that led it to retract 13 audits of disaster responses that hid problems and instead flattered the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The outside review will be done by another federal inspector general’s office to ensure that Homeland Security’s monitor has improved its overall operations and oversight of FEMA, officials said.

Three Congressional Holdouts on Disaster Aid Package

From Homeland Security Today: PERSPECTIVE: Three Against the Rest of Us on Disaster Aid Package. Some excerpts:

Strong oversight, thorough follow-through, firm accountability, tough questions and transparent accounting are all basics that should be part of any disaster aid package. But so should be the promise that disaster aid will be there when it is needed. In the case of these congressmen, they are emblematic of a culture of indifference when the disaster victim is someone other than oneself.

That’s something I hope their constituents will remember during the next election cycle, or at least something they will think of if a disaster were to come through their communities and federal assistance intended for them was halted by three obscure congressional members looking for attention.