Hurricanes and Science

From the NYTimes: Here’s a Way to Make Communities More Resilient to Hurricanes: Listen to the scientists who study them. An excerpt: 

“Listening to scientists saved lives.
Imagine if we applied that kind of expertise and political decision-making to the myriad challenges that living in a hurricane zone brings: where we build, how we make what we’ve built resilient and how we prepare residents for storms of growing strength. Basing policy on the best available science will be even more critical as the climate changes.”

Emerging Pandemic Diseases

From Cell: Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to COVID-19, by David Morens and Anthony Fauci. Direct link to the 19 page report.

The novel coronavirus is the latest sign that the world has “entered a pandemic era,” Anthony S. Fauci and epidemiologist David Morens, both of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warn in a report in the scientific journal Cell. The scientists write that human activity appears to be a major contributing factor in the emergence of diseases, which “should force us to begin to think in earnest and collectively about living in more thoughtful and creative harmony with nature.”