Earthquake History

From the HSNW: The Disaster that Helped the Nation Prepare for Future Earthquakes: Remembering San Fernando.

“Over the years, NEHRP agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey, made research and policy recommendations that in part contributed to the City of Los Angeles enacting an ordinance in 2015 to retrofit weaker first-story wood-frame buildings and non-ductile, or brittle, concrete buildings, which are both more vulnerable to collapse during strong shaking. In 2013, San Francisco enacted the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program, which was based in part on work sponsored by NEHRP and on the aftermath of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  

“NEHRP was founded on the belief that while earthquakes are inevitable, there is much that we can do as a nation to improve public safety, reduce losses and impacts and increase our resilience to earthquakes and related hazards, * * * “

Another Critique of U.S. Emergency Management

From CNN: Texas disaster casts harsh light on America’s future, An excerpt:

“A nation starts losing ground when its leaders, instead of focusing on what’s best for their country, become more concerned with their personal interests. Disasters become catastrophes when partisanship overtakes patriotism; when ideological obedience turns policy into fanaticism; when political loyalty outranks competence in government staffing and when extracting political advantage becomes the overpowering goal of people who took office claiming they wanted to work for the people.”

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Governors Under Fire

From CNN: Nation’s top governors under fire as three big states reckon with deadly crises, An excerpt:
“The devastating impact of the pandemic and the near collapse of Texas’ power grid has revealed the nation’s lack of cohesive planning for disasters — whether it is US readiness to treat and vaccinate millions of Americans in the grip of a deadly virus or to protect them from the alarming severity of major weather events, including winter storms, hurricanes and wildfires that have unfolded in the midst of a climate crisis.”

Extreme Weather Events and Geohazards in the Time of Covid-19

From the Converge group at the Univ. of CO/Boulder: Extreme Weather Events and Geohazards in a Time of COVID-19. The is a research-setting agenda paper.

This is one of the 90 Working Groups funded through CONVERGE. You can find all of them here:

Thanks to Dr. Lori Peek of the Univ of CO/Boulder for these citations..