Innovative Climate Initiative in Kennebunkport

The Kennebunkport Climate Initiative (KCI) is a scientifically-based, non-partisan education organization aimed to help solve the climate crisis. The uniqueness of KCI’s approach is its focus on educating and empowering youth. KCI believes that the generation most at risk (the youth) will shift politics, stimulate solutions, and ultimately be agents of change. KCI’s vision is to create a cohesive voice at the grassroots level to push for climate friendly policy and action in this time of crisis.

The organization is headquartered in Kennebunkport, Maine, and was founded in part due to the major climate issues impacting the Gulf of Maine, which is warming faster than 99% of the world’s oceans. KCI knows that climate change has greatly impacted the intensity of disasters and believes that youth are key to solving the climate challenge because they influence and foster climate concern among their parents, communities, and decision-makers. KCI aims to educate, empower and activate 10 million youth by 2025. 

We are all facing futures impacted by climate change. But by bonding together we can decide what that future looks like. To learn more about KCI and get involved, head to

The Diva wishes Jono Anzalone and his team the best of luck.

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Personal Support During Covid-19

From New Zealand, a playing card based form of support to help people copy with the pandemic. See: FREE CARDS: Dealing with the disruption of COVID-19—digital cards to get you through. Navigating the ups and downs of life during a pandemic is hard work. The Hummingly Pandemic Pack is designed to help you through, especially when pandemic fatigue sets in. You’ll find tips, advice and messages of support based on decades of research into the best ways to get through tough times.

Thanks to Jolie Wills for this product and the link.

Pending Disaster in FL

From USA Today: Florida crews are pumping wastewater into Tampa Bay to avoid a full reservoir breach: What we know..

Update: One more account from a FL newspaper: Is a 20-Foot Wall of Contaminated Water Possible in Florida? A worst-case scenario could send 20 feet of contaminated water flooding from the site, Acting Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes said Sunday during a news briefing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.