New Mitigation Framework

Mitigation Framework Leadership Group Pushes Forward on Investing in Resilience.  

The Diva found it interesting to learn why this effort was mounted:

The Investment Strategy comes three years after a Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report in which GAO found that mitigation investments in the post-Hurricane Sandy response were not coordinated within the Federal Government nor the whole community (which includes the Federal Government, nonfederal partners, and individuals). But even prior to Hurricane Sandy, the report finds that, “since 1980, 246 weather-related disasters in the United States caused at least $1 billion in damage each. Damage from these ‘billion-dollar disasters’ together totaled over $1.6 trillion.” As such, the National Mitigation Investment Strategy can save both lives and money through direct investments and property buy-outs in high-risk areas, investing in safety and security measures, and investing in the collection and sharing of data. The report admits that the Investment Strategy has “ambitious but achievable goals”, citing that success requires “maximum participation from the whole community”. Yet, as risks and damage from natural hazards both continue the increase, the Investment Strategy and the efforts of the Mitigation Framework Leadership Group will lead to greater resilience for the livelihood of citizens, the economy, and the environment.

Safe Use of Drones


From HSToday: Steps Government, Industry Can Take to Keep Us Safer from Malicious Drones

The benefits of commercial drones (unmanned aircraft systems or “UAS”) are significant, and exciting. Drones are improving lives – from disaster response to medical deliveries to infrastructure inspection and so much more. In the United States and abroad, drones are being used every day to find missing hikers, enhance economic productivity, and support public safety and law enforcement operations.

But with increasing numbers of drones filling our skies, it is also true that security concerns have escalated. Like many new technologies, the same features that make drones powerful commercial and public safety tools, including their small size, maneuverability, affordability, and the ability to carry various types of payloads, also raise safety and security concerns when used by careless, clueless or criminal actors.

How Waffle House Does Recovery

Hurricane Preparation and Recovery by the Waffle House Jump Team. “Most of the people that came in, they were eating their first hot meal in days. For some, us being open brought a sense of normalcy, offering them basic necessities in an area that’s destroyed.”

The Diva has written about the Waffle House efforts before, but this article is a useful refresher on planning for business recovery.