FEMA Administrator’s Annual Planning Guidance

Since the Diva obtained this document on Feb. 13th, the same day that Administrator Long resigned, she is not sure if this guidance will change when a new administrator takes over. But it is interesting to read at the present time. See FEMA Administrator Guidance. 

In this document there is a reference to Lifelines, but the figure is missing.Here it is:  Lifeline Information Sheet

Supply Chain Resilience and the 2017 Hurricane Season

CNA has prepared a major report (164 pp) on the topic of Supply Chain Resilience and the 2017 Hurricane Season. It is a collection of case studies about Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Marie and their impact on supply chain resilience.  It was released in Sept. 2018 and more work on this topic is underway presently at the National Academy of Sciences.

Thanks to Delilah Barton, one of the authors, for the citation and link.