More on Shutdown Effects

The shutdown will harm the health and safety of Americans, even after it’s long over

As the shutdown draws on, it increasingly weakens the government’s ability to protect Americans down the road, long after federal workers are allowed to go back to work. Many of these effects are largely invisible and may feel intangible because they don’t currently affect specific individuals. However, the shutdown poses a very real threat to preparedness for future emergencies, such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks. It also damages the government’s ability to recruit and retain the experts needed to work at the cutting edge of public health.

Here’s How the Shutdown Hurts Government Contractors

“Why Is Congress So Dumb?”

This is a compelling, essentially structural rather than partisan analysis: Why is Congress so dumb? We lawmakers dumped our in-house experts. Now lobbyists do the thinking for us.

After decades of disinvesting in itself, Congress has become captured by outside interests and partisans. Lawmakers should be guided by independent scholars, researchers and policy specialists. We must recognize our difficulties in comprehending an impossibly complex world. Undoing the mindless destruction of 1994 will take a lot of effort, but with investment, we can make Congress work again.

Note that the author is a congressman from N.J.