News of the Nov. 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake:

Review of the CDEM Response to 22 Feb Christchurch Earthquake, produced by Ian McLean Consultancy Services Ltd., June 2012. Sponsored by the Director of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, NZ. The report contains an 8 page executive summary. [NOTE: This report has has a significant influence on many parties since it was issued.]

Civil Defense New Zealand, Corrective Action Plan. CAP-Review-CDEM-Response-22-February-Christchurch-Earthquake, Dec. 2012.

Related Clippings and Other Documents:

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission

CHCH Civil Defence EM Plan ( 2015-2025); Oct. 2014

Greater Christchurch Recovery; Nov. 2014.

Radio NZ – Coroner’s Report Rips the Christchurch Fire Dept. Response; March 30, 2014.

NZ-Nov19 Major Change in National Organizational Placement. November 19, 2013

Delays in Decisions about Land Settlements in Christchurch, May 2013.

Article re progress in rebuilding:Christchurch 2_22_13-Japan Times.

Tephra2012web: Community Resilience: case studies from the Canterbury Earthquakes.  TEPHRA; Nov. 2012. Vol 23.

The Cost of Rebuilding Christchurch; Dec. 13.

Audio clip of radio show Checkpoint interview with John Hamilton; October 5, 2012.

Big Pond, NZ  Quake Response Review Finds Failings; Oct. 5, 2012.

Dalziel Media Statement, October 5. (Lianne Dalziel, Labour Party, Civil Defense and Emergency Spokesperson)

Dalziel Speech, October 19, 2012; AUT EM Conference

TVNZ Blurring of Responsibility in Quake Response. Oct. 5, 2012. Emergency Response Reviews Offer Learnings, Oct. 5, 2012. Initial Quake Response Sound – Report. Oct. 5, 2012.

___________________________________________ Quake Response Faulted; October 6, 2012.

Rev. 11/16

3 Responses to NZ

  1. Holly Griffin says:

    Hi Claire,
    I am from the New Zealand Red Cross recovery team and a former colleague of Elizabeth McNaughton (who had the pleasure of meeting you and discussing recovery leadership a couple of years ago). We have recently published a book as part of our post-earthquake in Christchurch experience that you might be interested in, it is available here
    love to discuss further if you are interested.

  2. John Richardson says:

    Hi Claire
    you might be interested in listening to this radio doco on CHCH. I write about it in my own disasters blog
    BTW, love the blog, can’t keep up with all that you post!
    John Richardson (from Australia)

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