Comparing Building Requirements in 3 Countries

From the WashPost: Opinion: 3 charts show how better buildings save lives in earthquakes.

“Though it might take weeks or months to confirm the death toll across Turkey and Syria, the latest number has topped 36,000. This makes this month’s earthquake the deadliest in the region in more than a century. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it was “not possible to be prepared for such a disaster.” Data comparing similarly seismic countries suggests otherwise. Take Chile and Japan….”

Update on Turkish Earthquakes

As of Monday Feb. 13, the news reports say that deaths in Turkey and Syria have reached 38,000 and are still raising. And various estimates for homeless people run as high at 5 million!

For emergency management personnel these numbers are incredible and beyond most planners expectations. It is worth taking some time to think about what it will take to cope with these outcomes.

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Earthquake in Turkey – multiple views

From the Wash Post: Turkey’s earthquake death toll might be more than just a natural disaster.  An excerpt: Natural disaster is one aspect of the story. Turkey’s reliance on construction-driven economic growth, cronyism and willingness to ignore its own building standards is the other. The first was unavoidable. Did the second lead to mass casualties? At the very minimum, the Turkish people will have every right to demand a thorough investigation of precisely that question.

From The Guardian, more bad news: First Thing: Turkey and Syria earthquake death toll ‘could pass 20,000’

A more optimistic take:from the Wash Post: 5 lessons from past earthquakes to navigate Turkey’s tragedy