What Are the Long-Term Recovery Plans for the Bahamas?

So far the Diva has not seen any analysis of whether the two badly damaged Bahama Islands will have to be emptied of residents and debris and/ or what might be done to raise the standards for rebuilding and repairs.

There is a worrisome precedent. See this article about the problems Barbuda is having with recovery: Bardudans are Resisting Disaster Capitalism Two Years After Hurricane Irma?

Sept. 9: One useful article on the topic of long term recovery comes from RAND. See: Hurricane Recovery in the Bahamas: Turning Good Intentions into Good Decisions





Federal Recovery Money Goes Unspent

Late breaking news from NYTimes on 9/5: As Disasters Multiply, Billions in Recovery Funds Go Unspent. Some excerpts:

The Trump administration is sitting on tens of billions of dollars in unspent recovery money meant to help Americans recover from disasters, leaving people less able to rebound from the effects of Hurricane Dorian and other storms.

As of June 30, the government had spent less than one-third of the $107 billion provided by Congress following the hurricanes and wildfires of 2017 and 2018, federal data show. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, which received $37 billion — more than any other agency — had spent less than $75 million.

Please take a look at the comments, since they come from folks who have worked in the field.