Webinar from FEMA – May 12

Announcing a new webinar – “FEMA Promising Practice: Disability Inclusion in Planning and Hawaii Personal Preparedness”

May 12th, 2016

Webinars begin at 2.30pm ET/1.30pm CT/12.30 pm MT/11.30am PT/8.30am Hawaii.

Registration: Free on-line at http://www.adapresentations.org/registration.php


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The Variables of Disasters

Time magazine featured this article recently.  The facts they present don’t seem strange to me, but the examples cited are interesting and it never hurts to remind folks of the many determinants of the effects of disasters.

See: These 5 Facts Explain the Strange Politics of Natural Disasters

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The Diva has been writing this blog for more than 6 years, during which time more than  2,100 postings have been published.  That is a lot of donated time, energy, and money from the Diva. Assuming most of you do not have a research assistant, we perform that role for you. Please make a contribution so that the Diva can pay for  the help needed to cover the cost of preparing the index of content.

The annotated index of the major postings, by topic, for the entire period. We call it the Roundup of Recent Resources in Emergency Management (2010-2015), and it’s an excellent resource for consultants, academics, and students. Where else could you get this many digital resources in one place ?  This recent 41-page index can be yours immediately, if you donate $25. dollars or more to the blog. New: special rate of $10. for students.

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National Health Security and Preparedness Index

National Health Security and Preparedness Index for 2016.

I had to hunt around for the details contained in the report. This summary chart provides an overview and a national map.

My home state, Virginia, ranks slightly above the national average, but below the national average for the component called Community Planning and Engagement. As a staff at the local OEM, that is not good news.

Thanks to Arnold Bogis for helping me find VA in the index.


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New Toolkit on Response and Recovery from RAND

ENGAGED Toolkit. Improving the Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Disaster Response and Recovery.

Two files that can be downloaded at no cost.

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CRS Report on NEHRP

New Congressional Research Service Report on The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP): Issues in Brief

Thanks to Bill Cumming for the citation.

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“The Social Intranet”

The Social Intranet: Insights on Managing and Sharing Knowledge Internally
Free 37 page report from IBM.

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