The Evacuation Process for H. Matthew

Here are two takes on the recent evacuation from H. Matthew, one positive and one negative.

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Problems with Weather Forecasting in the U.S.

From the New York Times Magazine (dated Oct. 23): Why Isn’t the U.S. Better at Predicting Extreme Weather?  Hurricanes like Matthew have laid bare the dirty secret of the National Weather Service: its technologies and methods are woefully behind the times.

Thanks to Eric Holdeman for the citation.

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NFIP In the Spotlight

From EM magazine, FEMA’s Flood Insurance Program Is at the Center of the Climate Change Storm. With the authorization of the program set to expire on Sept. 30, 2017, flood insurance could become a hot-button legislative issue next year.

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Report on the 6th Building Resilience Conference (Auckland, NZ)

From John Plodinec, his report on the 6th Building Resilience Conference – Auckland, NZ.

For more info, follow John on his organization’s blog

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World Risk Report, 2016

From the UN, World Risk Report, 2016. (74 pages).

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Some Nasty Environmental Impacts in N.C. from H. Matthew

Factory farming practices are under scrutiny again in N.C. after disastrous hurricane floods.

This is not the first time that NC has experienced serious environmental damage due to animal carcasses and animal waste in the aftermath of a disaster.

Update on Oct. 27, this editorial in the NY Times.

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Examples of Local Resilience

Some communities are destroyed by tragedy and disaster. Others spring back. Here’s what makes the difference.

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