Climate Change – Legal Aspects

A recent short (3 page) brief from Congressional Research Service is titled Climate Change and Existing Law: A Survey of Legal Issues Past, Present, and Future. August, 2014.

Since CRS reports are not available to the general public, thanks to the HSDL site for the report.

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Basic EM Reference Book

Emergency Management; the American Experience

Order now for the fall semester. Details about the table of contents, authors, and special features can be seen on the publisher’s website.

[Note: the Diva is the editor of this book.]



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Blogs on Earth and Space Science

Thanks to my namesake, Jeff Rubin, I learned about the community of blogs on earth and space science provided on the website of the American Geophysical Union.

The cleverest name is : Magma Cum Laude!

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Organizations Dealing with Resilience and Sustainability – Version 19

The Diva has 3 meetings on resilience coming up in Sept., so she know the topic is a hot one presently.

Attached to this post is OARS 19, a 38 page list prepared by Don Watson.  Kudos to him for his diligent efforts in producing this useful 36 page listing of key organizations dealing with resilience and sustainability. 

Don welcomes suggestions and additions. Please send them directly to  him at the email address noted on the file.

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Invite Your EMTs for Dinner!

Some lighter fare for the weekend.  Invite your local EMTs to eat. It’s  good for everyone! See this story:

Carbon Monoxide Scare At Applebee’s Detected By EMTs On Dinner Break

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Best of the Press on CA Drought

Article from ProPublica titled The Best Reporting on California’s Drought:

This year may be the driest in California in half a millennium. These reports explore how the drought is affecting agriculture, business and living conditions in the nation’s most populous state.

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Photos of NOLA 9 Years after H. Katrina

These photos show that the recovery was not exactly a miracle transformation, in many cases.  The photo technique is new to me.

Swipe the photos and see Hurricane Katrina disaster dissolve into present-day recovery

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