New Recovery Resources Index Available

Maintaining  this blog is a lot of work. The blog is unique in that

  • it has been in operation for about 5 years
  • it features almost daily postings; more than 1500 to date
  • it provides book reviews and an index, as a service to readers
  • it focuses on recovery and related matters, which no one else does

Thanks to the efforts of the intrepid Amy Sebring, we now have our third index to articles.  This splendid document, called the Recovery Resources Roundup, provides an annotated index of the most significant postings for the past 5 years. It’s 33 pages provides  listings by topic and an URL and abstract for each item. All the URLs were updated as of this month and the index was reformatted for ease of use.

It’s an indispensable aid for those serious about disaster recovery in that it provides a current supplement to existing texts and traditional resource.  It would be a great resource for a college course on recovery. [It is copyrighted, so please inquire for rights to use.]

A copy can be yours if you make a contribution of $30. or more to this blog, via the DONATE NOW button on the upper right corner of the blog’s homepage. Copies will be sent out promptly via email.

We need your support in order to maintain and improve the blog!

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Seismic Risk in NZ May Be Greater Than Thought

New Zealand’s worst earthquake fear confirmed by sediment survey.

New Zealand’s worst earthquake fears might be a real possibility. The first geological evidence of a huge megathrust earthquake crossing fault boundaries there is giving credence to worst case scenarios of a potential magnitude 8.9 quake.

More about this study is on the website of the NZ GNS.


Thanks to Franklin McDonald for the citation to the article and to  Ian McLean for the NZ organizational link.

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Update to the Popular Infographic on Disasters and Business Survival

Some months ago, I mentioned this infographic and now I have the direct link to the source and a clearer copy. See the infographic titled Can Your Organization Survive a Natural Disaster? on the website of Boston University’s Metropolitan College’s Graduate Programs in Business Management.

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Global View of Likely MegaDisasters

‘Mega-disasters’ and other reasons why WHO director’s speech should scare you.

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Meet the New First Responders – Robots!

Military pushes for emergency robots as skeptics worry about lethal uses.

I wonder if the robots will have to attend classes at EMI!!

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Superstorm Sandy Recovery – Problems with NFIP

Why Sandy Homeowners Were Left In The Lurch. This is one effort to explain the many problems with the National Flood Ins. Program and what FEMA’s remedial actions are so far.

Thanks to Bill Cumming for the citation.

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Aerial Views of Recovery in Christchurch

Aerial Views of Christchurch Since the Earthquakes.

Interesting panoramic views of Christchurch , NZ before and after the devastating earthquake a few years ago.

Thanks to Ian McLean for the link.

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