Oil Spill Disaster – July 27 – more second thoughts

Could Oil Spill Debacle be Fatal to NIMS/ICS? Opinion piece in Emergency Management, July 20. Experienced responders comment on whether or not NIMS and ICS were used as intended for the oil spill disaster response  (Thanks for Bill Cumming for point out this article.)

Risky Decisions led to Oil Spill. July 25, Wash. Post.

The calamity, the evidence now suggests, was not an accident in the sense of a single unlucky or freak event, but rather an engineered catastrophe — one that followed naturally from decisions of BP managers and other oil company workers on the now-sunken rig.

A deeper look at the human toll provides some serious indicators of trouble ahead.  In Gulf oil disaster, cameras can’t capture the human toll
CNN July 26. Some highlights of that story:

* Forget about oil, wildlife, the economy and environment; think about people, communities
* Early signs show rise in depression, domestic violence, substance abuse and more
* “Corrosive communities,” marked by distrust, emerge from manmade disasters, expert says
* Stops along Gulf show how residents cope, or fail to, and what insiders say people need

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One Response to Oil Spill Disaster – July 27 – more second thoughts

  1. There is no doubt that the WH kicking BP out of this JIC about June 1st reflected some policy or atttitude change. Only time will tell but under the NCP at 40 CFR Part 300 JIC ops are supposed to include the Responsible Party, at least in my opinion.

    Also very unusual in that JIC ops were essentially run out of the WH not near the OSC [On-Scene Commander]!

    Perhaps my information is inaccurate.

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