Learning from Experience — we keep hoping….


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Overcoming Myopia; Learning from the BP Oil Spill and Other Catastrophes, by H. Kunrether and E Michel-Kerjan.  Milken Institute Review. Fourth Quarter, 2010; 10 pp.  Not a lot of new information here, but a useful summary of matters to ponder.

2 thoughts on “Learning from Experience — we keep hoping….

  1. Number of residents denied BP money up sharply

    By BRIAN SKOLOFF, Associated Press Brian Skoloff, Associated Press

    OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. – Denied claims for Gulf of Mexico oil spill victims are rising dramatically because of a flood of new filings coming in without proper documentation or with no proof at all, the head of the $20 billion BP fund said Monday.


  2. Testing critical components is critical. Ignoring test failures is criminal. People die. This time, in the Gulf oil spill, it was eleven lives. Recovery can learn from this experience. Products used to meet post-event, upgraded standards and building codes need to be tested to the upgraded specifications. This includes wind, flood, shake, and fire resistant materials. These materials, and any improved design features, must be tested, to assure the intended performance of the structure in the next event. Structures that incorporate materials and design features that pass tests form the foundation of a solid recovery.

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