New Manual on Recovery Focuses on Psychological Aspects

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A new, free manual on disaster recovery, titled How to Help Your Community Recover from Disaster: A Manual for Planning and Action, is available for download.  (104 pp.) Some information about its development follow:

According to the authors,  development of the manual began after Hurricane Katrina. It was part of a large-scale, multi-year, and 25-member collaboration by the Task Force for Disaster, Community Readiness, and recovery within the Society for Community Research and Action of the American Psychological Association.  A distinctive feature of the manual is its grounding in psychological knowledge and in psychological principles closely linked to successful disaster recovery.

… the Manual is designed to guide both lay and professional readers through the steps required to understand the potential effects of disaster, organize the community, assess its needs, make an action plan, choose a strategy or strategies for intervention, reach out to various constituencies, track results, and share lessons learned.

We believe this Manual provides practical guidance to natural and potential community leaders about how to help their communities recover from disaster. We think it will be a useful resource in efforts to strengthen the capacity of communities to make informed choices, marshal resources, and facilitate post-disaster recovery.

The Diva has not yet had a chance to read the full text. She welcomes comments and reviews by readers.

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