Flooding in Australia-catastrophic impacts

Pictures of the Newcastle, NSW, Australia Floo...

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January 5: Catastrophic impacts on infrastructure are reported; see Yahoo News Account. According to BBC TV this evening they estimate more than 1 million sq. kilometers are affected!

On January 4th: Crocodiles, snakes are danger in flooded Australia.

ROCKHAMPTON, Australia – Residents of an Australian city cut off by some of the country’s worst flooding in decades are being warned to stay out of the water, and not just because of the risk of being swept away: Debris, snakes and even crocodiles could also pose a danger.

Large parts of the coastal city of Rockhampton were under water Tuesday. The waters were still rising, with the 75,000-strong population bracing for the floods’ expected peak in the next 24 hours as a huge inland sea spawned by heavy rain across Queensland state drains toward the ocean.

Australia Floods; BBC, Dec. 31. In this article, the author notes an interesting sequence for consideration during recovery. The economic losses are paramount in his mind, rather than community reconstruction.  This sequence also is seen in resort communities, especially in countries with mild weather so citizens can be sheltered outdoors.

I think that the least of our worry is the damage to small communities. Communities get rebuilt.

These floods are going to affect the state, the whole nation. It’s going to have a huge impact on mining commodities – several coal mines are under water and some won’t be operational for months.

There’ll be coal shortage and our ability to produce electricity will be affected. Certainly it will be an interesting start of the year and of the decade.”

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