Watching Egypt – citizens act to protect infrastructure and security

More insights into the efforts of citizens to ensure some basic services are appearing in the news articles; here is one.

Yesterday I noted that in Cairo and other cities it seems that most of the stores, business, and other institutions are not functioning. Yet, citizens have taken it upon themselves to keep some basic goods and services available until a political decision is made. An article in the Wash. Post points out the basic problems and gives examples of resilient citizens serving as security guards and/or police officers, and taking ad hoc measures to hold daily life together. Picture a week with no stores, banks, agencies and other organizations and services functioning.  Not to mention demonstrators yelling and marching, gun shots during the night. Add to that wondering who will head your country and when.

Here are some additional details about daily life.  Thanks to Bill Cumming for the citation.  On January 31, the topic of food scarcity was front-page on CNN news online.

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