Huge Aftershock in NZ Causes Deaths and More Destruction

Christchurch City (New Zealand) from the Port ...

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Newest info from the NZ Herald about the likelihood of more deaths, given the fact that many people are still trapped in collapsed buildings.

Earlier account from the L.A. Times of a powerful aftershock in Christchurch, N.Z. yesterday.The initial earthquake in Sept. 2010 was a 7.1 magnitude and this aftershock was a 6.3.  There have been many aftershocks, but none as damaging as this one.

After the powerful aftershock 65 people died, although the initial earthquake did not cause any deaths.  A sad reminder that after a major earthquake, there may be aftershocks for years.  They can cause deaths and injuries and always cause distress to residents.

Location and timing are identified as key variables for this major aftershock, according to Andrew Rivkin’s blog for the NY Times.


See this video provided by the Weather Channel; Feb. 22. It comes close to feeling like the actual experience.

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