Recovery Pledge from PM of Japan – in N.Y. Times

Naoto Kan, Prime Minister, and Barack Obama, P...

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It is definitely unusual and quite interesting to see this OpEd piece in the NY Times on April 15, 2011: Japan’s Road to Recovery and Rebirth, written by Naoto Kan (Prime Minister of Japan).

The Great East Japan Earthquake and the resulting tsunami are the worst natural disasters that Japan has faced since the end of World War II. Reconstruction of the devastated Tohoku region will not be easy. I believe, however, that this difficult period will provide us with a precious window of opportunity to secure the “Rebirth of Japan.”

The government will dedicate itself to demonstrating to the world its ability to establish the most sophisticated reconstruction plans for East Japan, based on three principles: first, create a regional society that is highly resistant to natural disasters; second, establish a social system that allows people to live in harmony with the global environment; and third, build a compassionate society that cares about people, in particular, the vulnerable.

The Japanese people rose from the ashes of the Second World War using our fundamental strength to secure a remarkable recovery and the country’s present prosperity. I have not a single doubt that Japan will overcome this crisis, recover from the aftermath of the disaster, emerge stronger than ever, and establish a more vibrant and better Japan for future generations.

I believe that the best way for Japan to reciprocate the strong kizuna and cordial friendship extended to us is to continue our contribution to the development of the international community. To that end, I will work to the best of my ability to realize a forward-looking reconstruction that gives people bright hopes for the future. I would wholeheartedly appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

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