Great Article on “The Future of Colleges and Universities”


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Once again I would like to pick up the thread of the discussion about higher education in emergency management.  To date, the two earlier posts have generated a large number of comments, all of which are quite worthwhile.  Since there does not seem to be any other online forum for this debate, I would like to continue it on this blog.

For those interested in the topic, see this article: The Future of Colleges and Universities: Blueprint for a Revolution. 

3 thoughts on “Great Article on “The Future of Colleges and Universities”

  1. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities has a response to the futurists vision of the challenges facing Higher Education – The Red Balloon Project

  2. My interest is better understanding the impact(s) of the rapid growth of higher education (college and technical school) programs in the fields of homeland security and emergency management. What are the most effective ways to ensure top quality candidates from these higher learning institutions, and whether there could be abuses (ie. diploma mills) that drain limited federal, state and local resources, as well as cheat people out their hard-earned dollars. I have been asking around as it may be an interesting topic for the Sen. Subcmte on Disaster Recovery and Intergov Affairs, so I will keep an eye on this blog for future posts – Thanks

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