Recovery Planning Stalls in Japan – some updates

No one sensible ever said recovery planning was easy.  Japan Rebuilding Is Facing Delays.,Wall St. Journal, July 4. Some details about the difficulties in Japan re the massive reconstruction effort needed there:

The head of Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s reconstruction council said it is unlikely that any of the large-scale rebuilding efforts recommended by the panel will be implemented until the end of the year at the earliest, underscoring how the political impasse in Tokyo is stalling the rebuilding of Japan’s devastated northeast region.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Friday, Makoto Iokibe, head of the panel, said the continued political battles in Japan’s parliament will mean postponing a massive reconstruction process already expected to take more than a decade.

As of July 5th, the newly appointed reconstruction minister quit his position.  A new appointee has already been named.

From the Christian Science Monitor on July 7th:  Japan Recovery From Tsunami Stalls.

Rigid bureaucracy, the scope of devastation, and a lack of financing are hindering Japan’s comeback from the March earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Some citizens are taking recovery into their own hands.

1 thought on “Recovery Planning Stalls in Japan – some updates

  1. Confirmation now almost complete of your predictions in many of your earlier excellent posts. One to two decades of recovery for the region of Japan affected and subtle but clear indications the Japanese may not be what they used to be. We’re (US) is next up of course but perhaps skillful and detailed analysis of Japanese efforts by US will keep US from becoming a Haiti or another impoverished nation due to ignorant,hubristic, and egotistic political leadership and polity.

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