Some Quick Measures of Disaster Severity and Progress – a bit of humor

I took this picture in Fort Worth with Canon c...

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Many professionals have “rules of thumb” that they use as a rough measure.  Here are a couple I know about and I welcome your additions:

(1) This news clip provides some anecdotal information about an indicator the Craig Fugate uses to determine how severe the impact of a disaster is in an affected neighborhood; it is termed the Waffle House index.

(2) Another one is the White Shirt Day index.  I think it was famed researcher Henry Quarantelli who coined this one.  As I understand it, when the key local public officials show up in the office wearing a white dress shirt, rather than whatever shirt they can find in a damaged home or shelter, it is an indication that the recovery period has begun and that things are getting back to normal.

(3) Here is one for the ladies, provided by my Mother’s doctor many years ago.  At the sight of her when she came for her first office visit after being hospitalized, he noted: “Oh, she is wearing earrings.  That’s a good sign that she feels better.”

I am sure there are plenty more out there. Please let me know your favorites.

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