The Changing Look of Emergency Management

USACE Emergency Management Team

Image by USACEpublicaffairs via Flickr

In the current issue of Emergency Management Magazine, Oct. 3, 2011, there is an article titled How Emergency Management Is Changing, for the Better.   The author interviewed a number of prominent women emergency managers and traces the history of their involvement. Note the Diva got interviewed for this article too, though she is mainly a researcher.

1 thought on “The Changing Look of Emergency Management

  1. Well you should have been included Claire in that your career has largely encompassed the transition from civil defense to comprehensive emergency management to all-hazards!

    And oddly many of the female managers in FEMA during my time–almost all excluded from the SES ranks–far exceeded in competence their male counterparts. Some of the better political appointees in FEMA have been women although not many women have been PAS [presidentially appointed Senate confirmed] a number of outstanding regional directors have been women. These regional positions have not been subject to Senate confirmation.

    IMO of course!

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