More Natural Disasters Expected – emergency managers should take note

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Report: Climate change means more frequent droughts, floods to come is the title of an article that appeared in the Wash. Post on 11/18.

Climate change will make the drought and flooding events that have battered the United States and other countries in 2011 more frequent in years to come, forcing nations to rethink the way they cope with disasters. according to a new report the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued Friday.

The report — the culmination of a two-year process involving 100 scientists and policy experts — suggests that researchers are far more confident about the prospect of more intense heat waves and heavy downpours than they are about how global warming is affecting hurricanes and tornadoes. But the new analysis also speaks to a broader trend: The world is facing a new reality of more extreme weather, and policymakers and business alike are beginning to adjust.

For those of you who are educators or students of emergency management, it would appear that this will be a growing field in the future.

One more take on a related subject, future climate change and the prospect of future dust bowl disasters; added on 11.22.

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