Recovery planning that shows imagination and vision – Christchurch, N.Z.

Our City O-Tautahi is a Queen Anne style build...

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The public officials and planners working on the recovery and reconstruction of Christchurch, NZ are aware that the eyes of the world are upon them.  Apparently, significant efforts are being made to incorporate some significant scientific and design innovations in the rebuilding process. Some excerpts from the article follow:

After nine months of work, the final draft of the Central City Plan will be adopted by the Christchurch City Council on Thursday. Mayor Bob Parker discusses development of the framework that will guide the redevelopment of our central city.

This week is significant in the history of Christchurch – it is when the city council adopts the framework to guide the redevelopment of the earthquake-damaged central city which will see Christchurch evolve as one of the most modern cities in the world.

Christchurch has already been recognised internationally by American- based Foreign Policy magazine as one of the top 10 global cities in the world to watch as the city begins to rebuild its urban landscape.

This is guaranteed to keep the spotlight on Christchurch in coming years and encourage international investment, so vital to regenerate our city.

For the council, the process of developing the final draft Central City Plan has been challenging.

If any New Zealanders are reading this, we would like to hear your views on how the process is going.

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