About blogging

In the New York Times on Jan. 22, there was an article titled Blogs vs. Term Papers. I would be interested in reader feedback on this topic.

Just to remove the suspense, this author believes in term papers, journal articles, and books. In my view, blogs are on the lowest rung of literate writing!

Good comments. Keep them coming.

2 thoughts on “About blogging

  1. I disagree … blog posts are often filled with more understanding of an issue and insight than many other forms of written communications … blogs and micro-blogs also have this advantage: people read them … they’re short … no one reads dissertations anymore … so if nobody reads a paper …it might as well not exist …

  2. This reader disagrees with this author. The lowest irung is occupied by the 150 character long grunt of a tweet that nowadays rapidly becomes a part of the genetical code of the equally rapidly growing number of twits.

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