Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning- 2nd posting

Los Angeles, CA
I just learned about this UASI -funded effort in LA. For details about their ongoing recovery planning efforts as well as other projects completed and underway via the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant project, go to the Feb. 2012 report on the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant program. [Thanks to All Hands Consulting for the link.] The report is 19 pages.
Fairfax County, VA:
Fairfax County just completed its pre-disaster recovery plan, which I was told is the first in the country to follow the format and recovery support functions of the National Disaster Recovery Framework.  With support from federal grant funding, and the help of a consulting firm, the county has just published its recovery plan. (Note the download is 368 pages.)

When I have had the chance to read and analyze it, I will add comments.


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