Slow (very) closure of federal recovery projects in LA

Sometimes we think money is the answer to many problems, but it turns out 100% federal funding may have contributed to slow and inefficient recovery projects in LA. See this recent report from the Office of the Inspector General at DHS (14 pp.) available here.

2 thoughts on “Slow (very) closure of federal recovery projects in LA

  1. I hate to say this, but someone ought to point out the disparities between MS and LA. In MS, you had a Governor who was committed to recovery, and using federal funds as rapidly as possible. By and large, you had local leaders moving to do the right things.

    Conversely, LA (esp. NO) has been afflicted with a cancerous culture of corruption for decades. Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin were almost criminally incompetent. If one compares the MS and LA project completions, I’d say that the overriding blame for the lack of completion of the LA projects lies with state and local officials. In the case of MS’s unclosed projects, the blame is probably split among feds, staties, and locals.

    The IG report points out areas where the feds can improve. Certainly, these should be acted on. But someone should point the finger at LA and have them get their act together. I know MS has had to go thru an audit of their debris projects – does anyone know if LA has as well?

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