Deficiencies in Recovery Capabilities Noted in New National Report

The recently issued National Preparedness Report found that of the 31 core capabilities identified, the lowest rating went to cybersecurity. (This topic received most of the media attention n the past week or so.) But the next three lowest rankings up from the bottom are all recovery-focused core capabilities. On page ii, it noted that these are “national areas for improvement.

“ The next to lowest capabilities are:  (1) economic recovery, (2) natural and cultural resources, and (3) housing.

The report also that says state response capabilities are strong, based in part on the self-assessment done by the states. Too bad we cannot find a better means of measuring that important element of recovery capability, because that assessment is questionable.

I have been studying recovery for almost thirty years, and I remain baffled and chagrined about the very limited progress that has been made. Apparently, the political will to deal with recovery is missing.

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2 thoughts on “Deficiencies in Recovery Capabilities Noted in New National Report

  1. Recovery phase deliberately drawn out so that the full public works mentality of the Congressional committees with oversight of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act [Public Law 100-707] that rescinded in part, supplemented in part, and revised in part the Disaster Relief Act of 1974 [Public Law 93-288] may be brought to bear on the political administration in power whether DEMS or Republicans.

    The wrong Congressional committees have oversight of disaster issues which should be driven by science, engineering and economics not public works pork.

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