Beijing Example: How NOT to Do Flood Recovery

Anger over Beijing’s flooding response. Details of recent flooding (CNN, July 26)  indicate that more than 800,00 people were affected. Bad planning for infrastructure construction seems to be the root cause, but the response and recovery apparently are as disastrous as the flood waters. Here is a example noted in the article:

Zhang and her neighbors alike remember a fearful night spent in dark attics or higher ground after carrying the elderly and children out of fast-rising water — all the while unable to reach anyone at the city’s flood control hotline.

One neighbor, Gao Liying, added that she feels even more shaken by the village officials’ response when she told them the flood has ruined almost all her worldly possessions. “They actually said: ‘If your house didn’t collapse and nobody died, then you’re not a victim,'” she said, raising her voice. “I asked: are you still human?”

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