Governance and Disaster Management – an update

I remain intrigued with governance matters with regard to recovery.  Today I ran across a short (7 page) cogent paper on that topic, issued by the UN’s Knowledge for Recovery Series; the title is Why Governance Issues Are  Important in Recovery?  I recommend the Series site as well as the short paper.

A week or so ago, I provided a link to three interesting papers from the  Australia and New Zealand School of Government, which is supported by several universities, government agencies, and other organizations. I especially liked the paper titled “Governing the Recovery from the Canterbury Earthquake 2010-2011: the debate over Institutional Design” by Rachel Brookie.

I would like to see more research done on governance regarding the U.S. and Canadian systems. I am especially interested in any analyses of the Canadian EM governance system; any suggestions from readers would be appreciated.

Note to graduate students: this topic is wide open for original research!

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