Some personal comments on the FEMA workforce issue

Initially, I created the posting on the FEMA workforce to highlight some of the problems that graduates of Higher Education programs have in trying to obtain appropriate full-time emergency management positions.  To my surprise, that was not the audience most interested in the postings that began on Sept. 14th. Most of the comments, concerns, and frustration expressed came from current and former reservists.

My second surprise was the depth and breadth of the problems with the FEMA workforce. The number of hits over the past 3 days was extraordinary for this blog; the hits exceed any other posting for the past 3 years. And the passion for emergency management work is quite obvious.  I know that some FEMA officials are aware of the postings. Let’s hope some corrective actions are taken.

Third, I  think that reservists should have their own blog or other outlet for their issues, since the issues need more attention.  This blog mainly deals with recovery matters and only tangentially with workforce issues. (I would be glad to give some guidance on using WordPress.)

2 thoughts on “Some personal comments on the FEMA workforce issue

  1. Claire, Sorry if your thread was hijacked with workforce issues, it was not intentional on my part, I misunderstood your focus. Feel free to delete my post. DAEs/Reservists do have their own outlets on a few Facebook pages.

    Elliot Parsowith

    Sent from my iPad

    • Do not apologize. I am glad to be of help here, even if what occurred surprised me. I do not have the necessary background or the time to help with the workforce issues, which are indeed very important. That is why I suggested a new organizational arrangement be created.

      I plan to leave everything in place. Plus, the postings are known to FEMA.


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