Recovery Planning for NY and NJ – some ideas

Given the magnitude of the impacts, the population density, and the national economic importance of many of the areas impacted by H. Sandy, I think it is essential to get the best and the brightest talent in the U.S. involved in planning the recovery.  We need more imagination and capability in recovery efforts in the U.S., and now is the time to go for it.

To start this off, I offer some ideas below, and invite readers to make suggestions. This is an open-ended endeavor, which I hope to continue.

I. Involve national organizations to form advisory committees; for example,

  • National Academy of Sciences
  • National Academy of Public Administration
  • National Planning Organizations – such as Am. Planning Assoc., Urban Land Institute

II. Involve Think Tanks, such as

  • Brookings
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Heritage Foundation
  • American Enterprise Institute

III. Organize for Strategic Planning and also Organize by topic, such as

  • Infrastructure
  • Residential rebuilding
  • Small Business Redevelopment

IV Get Advice and Assistance ( loan of personnel) from national  professional and trade associations

  • International Assoc. of Emergency Managers
  • National Emergency Management Assoc.
  • National Fire Protection administration
  • American Public Works Assoc.

V. Get the academic community involved – faculty from the Higher Education in Emergency Management programs that exist in more than 200 academic institutions throughout the U.S.

And several university-based disaster research centers have highly experienced faculty and staff – eg. Hazards Center at Univ. of CO/Boulder and the Disaster Research Center at Univ. of DE.

VI. Get advice from experienced personnel ( all sectors) who have assisted other cities recover, such as

  • New Orleans
  • Sendai, Japan

A note on process: I suggest some expert panels to sift the best ideas and the best science and work with the public officials at all levels to get some policies, regulations, programs implemented while the window of opportunity is open. Usually politicians do not consider enough alternatives and the researchers/consultants cannot get ideas synthesized quickly enough for the consideration of harried politicians.  We need a new process.


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7 thoughts on “Recovery Planning for NY and NJ – some ideas

  1. Perhaps involve nonprofit organizations that serve the interests of local governments, which are heavily affected by these disasters and have a real stake in how recovery takes place? I also vote for Claire to be in charge!

  2. National is nice. International is covered, but don’t forget the locals! They are already screaming no one knows about them in Staten Island. In the end it is for them and their buy in is essential.

  3. I have been following your blog for a few months – I think I became aware of it through American Planning Association disaster blog. I do the best I can to keep current on the evolving discussions and new resources but it is NOT easy. Your blog is a tremendous help. Thank you!

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