New Flood Maps in NJ May Be Highly Significant to the Recovery

Jersey Shore revolution begins, as FEMA releases new flood maps. Dec. 17, 2012. As noted in the article:

A revolution is likely coming to the New Jersey Shore, and the federal government just fired the first shot.The Federal Emergency Management Agency released advisory flood maps yesterday, which they hope will serve as a guideline for how nearly 200 communities should rebuild stronger after Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. The maps (see below) are the first change to New Jersey’s federal flood maps in more than two decades, and show a coastline far more vulnerable to flooding than previously thought — as Sandy proved in the worst way.FEMA’s message is clear: If you’re going to rebuild, build higher and stronger.

More info from another source: FEMA Flood Maps Include Elevation Increase of One to Five Feet on Average

The Advisory Base Flood Elevations published Saturday morning. FEMA hosted a teleconference Friday to explain the motivation behind the reports.

1 thought on “New Flood Maps in NJ May Be Highly Significant to the Recovery

  1. From Bill Cumming:

    The reason the new NFIP maps for NJ are only advisory not mandatory is that communities are given 6 months to adopt any NFIP mapping changes officially. And then of course even if properly adopted they may never be enforced,since NFIP enforcement was largely destroyed in the Clinton-Witt era of the independent FEMA!
    And the disaster personnel in FEMA have always viewed NFIP rules, even though grounded in statute, as an administrative inconvenience at best.

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