The Blog is Back!

The Diva is back! Thanks to those of you who expressed your willingness to help me keep the blog going.  Since this is a very small operation, it is easiest for me if you use the SUPPORT US button in the upper right hand corner to voluntarily offer support via the Pay Pal option. (I do not have the ability to maintain a subscriber system.)  Pay Pal will take various credit cards or you are welcome to mail a check to the address on the About page.  And you will get an email receipt for your donation.  Please contribute so I can recruit a helper and improve the range and content of this blog. Thanks.

SUPPLY CHAIN:  Last week the Diva attended the two-day exercise on Local Supply Chain Capacity in a Crisis, held in Arlington County, VA.  It was an excellent event and a verbatim transcript is being prepared.  When it is available, I will do a posting about it.

HURRICANE SANDY: Interesting article about long-term considerations from the scientific community’s perspective.

In the current issue of Emergency Management magazine (Jan./Feb.2012) there are several interesting articles on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Both the hard copy and online versions are available at no cost.  See especially the editorial titled Lessons From Sandy. on page 10.

RESILIENCE: Interesting op-ed article in the NYTimes on Feb. 5th titled Forget sustainability; It’s About Resilience.


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