Update on This Blog

About a month ago, I began the process of asking for support for the blog from readers. To date 8 people have responded, which is nice, but more would be welcome.

Regarding content, you may find it interesting to know that the most popular topics covered recently in the blog postings (based on the page view hit count) are as follows:

Hurricane Sandy
Floods/Flood Damage
Natural Disasters and Climate Change

In the four years that I have been writing the blog, I have published 645 postings, which have received almost 59,000 views.  What remains to be done is some analyses of the postings and most popular topics so that future postings can be planned that will  be of  interest to the readers.

2 thoughts on “Update on This Blog

  1. I am new to your site and am enjoying reading it. Just a heads up that the “Oregon Resilience Plan” is being presented to the Oregon Legislature Thursday March 14th. The ORP responds to a 9.0 Cascadia earthquake/tsunami. Based on similar work that SPUR initiated in San Francisco and then taken up by the State of Washington, this is the first that was initiated by a legislative body. Copies can be found at:

    Oregon Resilience Plan Final

    Click to access Oregon_Resilience_Plan_Final.pdf

    ORP Executive Summary (8 pages)

    Click to access Oregon_Resilience_Plan_Executive_Summary_Final.pdf

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