The FEMA Workforce – a new blog is needed

Once again I see that some of my past, slightly out-of-date postings about FEMA workforce issues continue to get a lot of hits.  In the past I have done postings on topics  ranging from higher education degree candidates/job seekers, current or potential reservists, and current or future FEMA Corps recruits. I know these are all topics of great interest to many people, but (1) I do not have the sources or contacts to continue discussing these topics and (2) they do not have much to do with recovery, which is my main focus.

So, as I offered previously, I will be glad to give advice and technical  to anyone who wants to start a blog on FEMA workforce issues.  I have 3 years of experience working with Word Press, which is a wonderful and inexpensive way to support a blog.

2 thoughts on “The FEMA Workforce – a new blog is needed

  1. Claire, you have 35 years of experience as a researcher…

    But obviously you do not do much research before you blog.

    Here you have talked about all the “Uneducated Disaster Reservist\DAE” in Emergency Management, but I am here to tell you there are MANY EDUCATED AND EXPERIENCED Reservist\DAEs. I have been a Reservist for the past 20 years with 3 degrees in various areas in regards to my job with FEMA. I guess the following individual would be considered an uneducated person by your terms (pulled straight off the internet).


    W. Craig Fugate
    Age: 49
    Born: Jacksonville

    Education: Graduated Santa Fe High School (Alachua County) 1977; attended fire college and paramedic school at Santa Fe Community College.

    Work: Firefighter, Alachua County 1981-1987; Alachua County emergency management director 1987-1997; chief of the state Bureau of Preparedness and Response, 1997-2001; director,
    State Division of Emergency Management, 2001-2009.

    You need to use some of that 35 years of research experience before you start bashing others for not having an education and working in the Emergency Management Agency.

    • I was making the case for better utilizing the many graduates of Higher Education programs in emergency management. I do not think people who do not have college or advanced degrees are uneducated.
      For about 15 years, FEMA has promoted the creation of graduate programs in EM throughout the U.S. Since there now are more than 225 such programs, the no. of graduates is substantial. But they are not finding employment opportunities in EM. After spending years and a lot of money they are frustrated.

      I once was a reservist for FEMA and I have the utmost respect and admiration for such workers. Judging by the enormous no. of hits and comments my postings on the FEMA workforce have generated, there are many people frustrated and upset about workforce composition and use. I think part of the problem is that the supply of interested and capable people exceeds the positions available.

      And I know that Fugate is not a college grad, and James Lee Witt also did not have a college degree. So, it is possible to hold the highest post at FEMA without a degree. I also think that if those gentlemen had the benefit of college, they would have been ever better at their jobs.

      I do not have an advance degree in EM, either, since none was available to me when I was in college. For about 15 years I have been involved in creating educational products, because so few existed.
      I have created disaster time line charts, the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and two editions of an EM history book. My hope is that aggregations of collective knowledge will make the study/mastery of EM quicker and easier for future generations.

      Both knowledge and experience are essential to the field of EM. The members of IAEM debate the relative merits of each frequently on their listserv.

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