Recovery Planning After H. Sandy – comments from readers

I want to call your attention to the  March 26th posting on this blog, regarding the new CRS report on the federal legislation passed to help with recovery from  Hurricane Sandy. An excellent set of comments have come in since the initial posting; they appear at the end of the posting. They are worth reading if you are seriously interested in the current issues/problems.

One more resource: here is the direct link to the full text of the Executive Order that established the  Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding  Task Force.

In talking to various friends and colleagues who have been doing field work in the aftermath of Sandy, some of the reasons for Sec. Donovan heading the task force might be:

  • He was a housing director in NY before taking the HUD job and the no. of housing units affected is huge
  • HUD is the agency with the greatest amount of funding to devote to the disaster recovery
  • He is highly committed to achieving resilience in the recovery, a cause championed by the White House.

The Diva is open to more information from readers. Feel free to chime in.
Thus far the work of the task force is rather opaque; the HUD website has not been updated for months.

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